While Warhammer Online is a game mainly about WAR, no game would be complete without a little something to do while you're waiting for that scenario to pop... yes, we're talking about crafting! While crafting isn't the main focus in WAR, it does make for some usable items in RvR, like health potions, talismans, etc. To better help explain the crafting aspect of WAR, the WAR Herald put up a little something to explain it all.

The central item of the Apothecary craft is the vial. Vials are rated depending on their quality, which ranges from Apprentice to Master Apothecary. A vial provides the necessary container for the completed potion. Any merchant or vendor in the Age of Reckoning would quickly be put out of business without an unlimited supply of such vials.

You can read the entire guide over at the WAR Herald!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016