Taking bridezilla to a new level...

Warhammer Online:Age of Reckoning is about one thing. WAR! One of the more formidable forces in the Warhammer world are the Dark Elves.

One of the more fearsome components of that army are the Witch Elves. The Brides of Khaine have only one purpose. To serve the Lord of Murder by inflicting pain and agony on those who would oppose him. Marching into battle scantily clad but always on the front lines, these divas of destruction fulfill this duty with a fervor that is only rivaled by a pack of squigs on a feeding frenzy.

However, in order to serve Khaine, one must learn their specific Paths of Mastery.

The Witch Elves are the sanctified brides of Khaine, the Lord of Murder, and they serve their patron deity with savage pleasure. Wielding long daggers and prowling across the battlefield, the Witch Elves will sacrifice anyone and anything in their path as an offering to please the Bloody-Handed Lord.

Come take a look at what paths would befit a Mistress of Menace known as a Witch Elf at the Warhammer Online community site!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016