In addition to normal epic mounts you may purchase like any other class, Warlocks and Paladins get the ability to begin a series of quests for their own special epic mount. Warlocks get access to a souped up version of their Felsteed should they complete the quest, and Paladins get access to a Charger that looks like an upgraded mount of theirs as well.

In this page, we will go over how to obtain the Dreadsteed. While the Warlock's Dreadsteed Questline is the same for both Alliance and Horde, the Paladin Charger Questline varies if you're Alliance or Horde.

Dreadsteed Quest

Upon reaching level 60, your Demon Trainer in the Major Cities (Kurgul in Orgrimmar or Jubahl Corpseseeker in Ironforge). They will have a quest that sends you to talk to Mor'zul Bloodbringer in the Burning Steppes.
Mor'zul is on a hill across the road from the Altar of Storms, at the Northwest corner of the Burning Steppes. He's the one who will begin all the steps for your epic mount quest.

The first quest he has for you has you go to Winterspring to kill some Owlbeasts for their Blood. You will need 30 Raging Beast's Blood in order to complete this first part of the quest.
Afterwards, you will need to talk to Gorzeeki, who's near Mor'zul, turning your quest item in to him.

Now, you will have 3 quests available to you, each of them asking you for different materials to gather. They are as following;

For the Bell of Dethmoora, you will need 2 Elixirs of Shadow Power, which most Alchemists can make.

For the Wheel of the Black March, you will need 6 Large Brilliant Shards and 25 Dark Iron Ores. You may obtain them from the AH, or ask a friend to get them for you.

For the Doomsday Candle, you will need 3 Black Dragonscales.

Once you're done with all these materials, you will be asked for 1 Arcanite Bar to complete the materials for your summoning ritual.

Aside from the Materials, you will also need to do another set of quests that involves obtaining Xorothian StarDust.

For the first step, you must go to Jaedenar in Felwood, not before buying 3 Shadowy Potions that will disguise you as a friend of the Jaedenar enemies so you are able to talk to Lord Banehollow within it. These will cost you 6 gold.

After buying the potions, make sure you have 150 gold with you, and go to Felwood. Once you're at Jaedenar, drink one of your potions and head down all the way through Shadow Hold. At the very bottom, talk to Lord Banehollow, who will have a quest for you.

Lord Banehollow won't sell you the Stardust until you take out one of his rival's spies in Shadow Hold, called Ulathek. Backtrack a few rooms and you will find him in one of the rooms nearby, and kill him. Take his heart and bring it back to Banehollow so you complete the quest.

Afterwards, Lord Banehollow will allow you to buy Xorothian Dust from Ur'dan next to him - at the price of 150 gold.

Back in the Burning Steppes, you will receive yet another quest from Wildeyes, asking you to bring the Imp in a Jar he will give you to Scholomance, more specifically Ras Frostwhisper's room, where you can use the Jar in order to complete your quest. You will probably need atleast 3 or 4 people to complete this task, as Scholomance is a level 60 dungeon and will pose a threat to anyone, even level 70's, since you must work your way down to Ras Frostwhisper's room. Keep in mind you do not have to kill Ras to complete your quest.

Finally, you will be given the final step in your epic mount quest - purchasing J'eevee's Jar (150 gold), Black Lodestone (50 gold) and Xorothian Glyphs (50 gold) from Wildeyes, you will need to go to Dire Maul's Western Wing and clear it entirely. Keep in mind you need someone to open the door for you with the Crescent Key from Dire Maul East, or you can Suicide and open the door from behind should you feel so inclined. Bring a party of 4 or 5 ideally to make this run without complications.

Also, it is worthy of mention that if you know anyone who's done their Epic Mount Quest, they may use their own materials (if they saved them) to save you these last 250 gold.

After you kill Immol'thar, you will use your items where he was standing, and it will begin the epic mount event. Using the Imp Jar, he will begin the circle of greater summoning, putting the 3 items floating around you. You must keep these items charged up (each time one begins to lose power you will notice it go lower and become clickable), upkeeping them means your party will take less damage from the flood of imps and demons that will storm into your circle, however, each time you recharge one it will take one Soul Shard, so be sure to bring plenty.

You will notice 9 glowing symbols on the floor, appearing one at a time. After about 6 minutes, your spell will be ready, all demons will disappear and you will be given time to drink up and rebuff.

Once you're ready, use the Glyphs, and you will summon a Xorothian Dreadsteed! Once this steed is at 50%, Lord Hel'nurath appears and joins the battle. Quickly finish the Dreadsteed off and then focus on Lord Hel'nurath. Should you find yourself wiping, you only need to talk to the spirit of the Dreadsteed to finish your quest, although Lord Hel'nurath drops some good quality blues as well for level 60's.

You're done! Enjoy your Epic Dreadsteed. Do remember that if you bought the items you are able to help other Warlocks obtain their mounts while being able to skip buying the last 250 gold worth of materials.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016


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