Traps are extremely effective tools in Rainbow Six Siege, but if you don’t know how to place them correctly you might as well not place them at all. There are several different types of traps in Siege, from the remote detonated C4 to Frosts gruesome bear trap, all are capable of inflicting heavy damage without firing a shot or placing yourself in danger. Catching even one of the attackers in a trap can make a huge difference in how the rest of the match will go.

No matter what type of trap you’re using, you’ll need to know how to place it so that it doesn’t stand out, and that it’s somewhere that it will be activated. Here are our top tips for trap placement in Rainbow Six Siege.

  • Always place Kapkan’s traps behind a barricade. Whether you’re placing them in a window or door, you’ll want to throw up a barricade to cover up the laser trigger that’s a dead giveaway of the trap’s location.
  • Bear traps are very flat, so place them at the top of stairs. A good place to drop a bear trap is at the top of stairs. Because of their low vertical profile, they can be hard to spot as attackers come up them while looking upwards.
  • Break down several barriers on the same door and then place a bear trap underneath the broken fragments to hide it. The chunks of wood and debris that fall to the ground when you tear down a barrier make great cover for traps.
  • Lay traps before the enemy comes close. Whether you’re throwing a C4 or planting a trip mine, all of the traps make a lot of noise when you place them. If an enemy hears a trap being set they will probably find another way to the objective, or use explosives to clear your trap.
  • Don’t place all of your traps in high traffic areas. The main corridors are a good spot because they enemy are more likely to run into your traps, but they will also be more alert to presence of them. Lay one of your traps on a different floor of the building, or somewhere a decent distance away from the objective.
    Many players expect all the traps to be surrounding the bomb/ hostage and won’t be keeping an eye out for them when they’re on the floor above/ below.

  • Place bear traps behind portable barriers. The portable barriers are just the right height to obscure the enemy’s vision of the area immediately to the other side, giving you a sweet spot to lay a trap. When they go to vault over it, it will already be too late.
  • Place Kapkan’s traps in bright areas. It may seem counter intuitive, but the laser from the trip mine is extreme easy to spot in low it areas. Make it a little harder by planting it in a sunny spot that washes out the beam.
  • Save your C4 to throw right when you need it. C4 not only makes a good deal of noise, it also has a large flashing red light on it. Your best bet for landing a kill with it is to wait until you know where the enemy is and then throw it at them, detonating it as soon as it lands nearby.
  • Bait enemies towards your traps. Try to draw the attackers towards your traps by opening fire on them, or giving away your position and then falling back through a gauntlet of traps.
    They’ll be more focused on killing you, and less likely to be paying attention to any traps at their feet.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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