World of Warcraft has introduced an all new "The Abominable Greench" this year as an open world group boss. Join us we tackle the best way to take on this ferociously upgraded Greench.

Some speculated that he would be a dungeon boss, but it appears that instead of getting his own instance he just now chills outside of a cave waiting for groups of three or more adventurers to attempt to take him on. The quests work pretty much the same as they did last year, with the exception that the Greench is now a bit more tough to handle.

The New The Abominable Greench

The new Greench is one tough cookie and he sports a reskin of Icehowl. Prepare yourself for the fight by picking up the daily quest, You’re a Mean One…, which is located in Ironforge or Orgimmar. Then fly out to Alterac Mountains, now merged with Hillsbrad Foothills, to the quest marker. Once there the beast awaits.

Now, you’re going to need a group to take him on. There is no soloing him, unless you’re a Blood Death Knight with some awesome gear on, but we’ll assume the best approach is to three man him. If no one is around it’s time to setup camp and wait or call in some guildmates to come with you. Chances are during primetime he probably won’t even be up, so you won’t have to worry about slaying him too much.

Better watch out, better not cry, this raid boss will give you a black eye.

He has two new abilities: Abominable Crush and Snow Crash. With Abominable Crush he will choose one target and charge it, if it hits you then it’ll knock you back and deal massive damage. Snow Crash is when he throws a snowball and it lands, dealing massive damage and stunning for six seconds.

Random Snowmen and Trees will spawn during the fight. The Snowmen will assault the Greench while the Trees act as targets for his Abominable Crush.

The best strategy is for the group to have one tank, one dps, and one healer. Tank the boss and watch out for his charge and avoid the snowballs. He’ll go down very quickly and a healer should be able to compensate easily for any mistakes. His Abominable Crush sometimes can’t be avoided, but it’s something you’ll have to deal with.

It’s been 30 minutes since the event went live and I’ve already found about four groups wipe to him, so take him VERY seriously. If you have at least a tank and a healer you’ll be able to kill him, his damage isn’t that much, but he also has 3.4 million health so there isn’t an easy way to solo him.

Fret not noble warriors of Azeroth. The quest completion IS NOT dependent on if you and your group finishing him off. Once the Greench has been disposed of, the stolen presents spawn in his cave and Metzen is available to talk to for the achievement / quest. So even if you can’t get a group going, you can still assist another group with the kill and obtain the valuable quest rewards.

Winter Veil Once More Saved

Once you have finished, return to Orgrimmar or Ironforge to turn the quest in. Your reward, outside of the achievement “On Metzen” and “Simply Abominable” will be the Stolen Treats which reward the usual holiday fair (Grindgear Toy Gorilla, Heavy Copper Racer, Paper Zeppelin Kit, and Zippy Copper Racer) along with a Clockwork Rocket Bot, Red Rider Air Rifle, Tiny Blue Ragdoll, a Crashin’ Thrasin’ Racer Controller, and new this year: a Lump of Coal. You’ll also get up to 24 Justice Points!

Everyone can loot it once he has been slain.

The Lump of Coal lets you summon Lumpy, a new pet introduced this year. The previous year toys that come with it DO award the Feat of Strength. So achievement hunters… get to questing!

How do you feel about the boss being a world boss? Should it have been phased or instanced or is this just fine with you? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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