Day of the Dead makes a return to World of Warcraft this year with some new cool features, including some awesome new costumes and a new achievement. It runs November 1st-3rd this year (2014) and is easy to get through as long as you have quick access to one of the capital cities. 

This a mini-event, there isn't a meta-achievement (outside of Dead Man's Party, but isn't a pre-requisite for anything). It's a fun little party and as of 2014 even more fun as there is a big costume brawl near the major city graveyards as players work towards the new achievements. 

If you're looking to just see what's up with this and not hunting achievements, the basic idea is that you can go to a graveyard in a major capital city and purchase costumes to "play fight" with other players, and in addition, can buy marigolds to see ghosts to obtain a pet and an achievement. If this sounds fun to you, keep on reading. 

New Costumes and Achievements in 2014 

This year there is a new costumes, they're called Contender's Costumes and a new achievement called "To The Afterlife," "Vientosl," and "Calavera" which is from defeating 1, 20 and 50 contenders respectively. 

Achievements & Costumes 

To get started, see good 'ol Chapman to purchase one of the different costumes for 100g each. You'll then get one random attack (Quick Punch (10% damage in front of you), Strong Sweep (20% cone damage with a 1.5 second knockback), and Jump Attack (Jump forward and deal 30% damage and 3 second knockdown). Each time you use an ability, a new one replaces it. 

  • To The Afterlife: 1 Contenders Defeated 
  • Vientosi: 20 Contenders Defeated 
  • Calavera: 50 Contenders Defeated 

The achievements are listed above and obtained by landing the killing blow on someone else with a costume on using the costume abilities. This can be done at any time of the year and you can trade kills with friends, but nothing you can do will change the percentage of health knocked off each time. 

There isn't any tactics to mention, spam your button and prepare for what the next attack does and try to land some killing blows while avoiding everyone else - or win trade, I suppose, but that's boring. 

This achievement is easily obtained during the event, however, after the event you'll need friends to help you complete it.

Macabre Marionette 

Go to the gaveyard in your personal race's home city OR to either Dalaran and Shattrath. Bring some Flour and some Ice Cold Milk, purchased off of most general goods vendors. Talk to Chapman, buy a Orange Marigold (one-time use) or a Bouquet of Orange Marigolds (permanent but the effect only works during Day of the Dead). 

You'll then be able to see a spirit who offers a quest (The Grateful D ead). They simply want some Bread of the Dead, which is crafted off of a recipe that Chapman sells and requires one Simple Flour and one Ice Cold Milk. Turn it in and you'll receive the Macabre Marionette, a really cool battle pet. 

Special note: Pandarians must go to Shattrath or Dalaran. 

Dead Man's Party 

Obtain the marigold and then /dance with Catrina in the same graveyard. You'll get the achievement. 

Other Events of Note 

Chapman sells a mask, a candle that gives a 4 spirit buff, and some candy. Beyond that, there isn't any additional objectives to the holiday. 

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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