Paladin Raiding Guide

Now that most players have gotten to level 70 and are done with the normal instances and moving on to heroics and raids, we thought it appropriate to look at the raid aspects of each class. So continuing on from the Warlock guide from last week, I am here to look at the Paladin in the end game raiding scene.

This is where it all starts, your talent build. For the most part while leveling, players like to play retribution builds for that extra damage and getting through the levels quickly. When you get to the end game raid level though, that just won't cut it. There is almost no way you can put out as much damage as a Rogue, Mage or even a Hunter, Warlock or Shadow Priest. The very odd guild will let you try, but most will require you to do something you can be at least competent at. That means in most cases going holy and being a healer / buffer, or in the odd case going protection and being an off tank.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016


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