Guild Wars 2 Dev Blog Chronicles Audio Team Field Trip for Sound

A new ArenaNet dev blog chronicles the audio team's recent trip to Satsop, Washington to record sound for Guild Wars 2.

Sounds are an important part of every game. In many cases sound effects and music can be that one piece of the puzzle that transcends a game from normal to epic. Audio is a subtle but powerful element to the atmosphere of a game. But have you ever wondered how all those audio effects are made?

This week Audio Director James Ackley posted a new ArenaNet developer blog chronicling a recent field trip the audio team took to an unfinished nuclear power plant in Satsop, Washington to record audio for Guild Wars 2. During the trip, the team managed to get some interesting sounds for Guild Wars 2. Check out the video embed after the break for a look at the trip and read the full dev blog for all the details.

Be sure to check out the audio team's previous dev blogs for more.

Source: Guild Wars 2 Dev Blog

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