Marvel Heroes Heats Up with 1.11 and the Human Torch

By Stacy Jones -

One bit of news that escaped us over the madness of SOE Live this weekend was the release of Marvel Heroes 1.11 update. The update includes the addition of the Human Torch for Founders and a new pack thatÂ’s available until August 9th for fans that want to get right in and start playing with the Torch right away. The pack is priced at $17.99 and unlocks the Human Torch with two launch costumes, but devoted players can also acquire the hero through gameplay.

Included with the update is the new Eternity currency, which players can use to unlock specific heroes through gameplay and Midtown Patrol, a new Manhattan zone thatÂ’s now open to players with new challenges. Patch notes for the full update are now available along with a new Human Torch developer diary video via the embed below.

Source: Gazillion Press Release  

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