Not that I'm totally biased or anything, but Squirrel Girl's squirrel minions are now boneless. I hope that means they also come lightly breaded, deep fried and tossed in buffalo sauce. Er, wait. No. They only have some bones removed. For optimization. Wrong bones, here. Anyway, it's a good thing that I just ordered food so I can get back to Marvel Heroes 2015 here and stop obsessing about deep fried things.

Anyway, Marvel Heroes saw some pretty cool things in its latest patch. For the full notes, complete with pretty pictures, clicky here. Seriously, there's a lot of really rad images added in, and not just frames of my beloved Squirrel Girl. Best of all, there are a lot of pretty neat tie-ins to coincide with Guardians of the Galaxy, also opening this week. Marvel related films have been seriously on point these days, so I am really looking forward to it, even though I realize there won't be any Andyisms.

First up, Planet X Groot Bark has been extended, because movie hype. Also, folks seem to be enjoying the event. Throughout the event, players can complete daily quests to earn bark, which can be turned in for rewards. In addition, three Team Up Heroes are available, which also directly relate to Guardians of the Galaxy: Groot, Gamora, and Drax. Team Ups are kind of like mercenaries or sidekicks that fight with you and are the level of your hero. Rocket Raccoon is already in the game, and he's recently had a level 52 review. Also in this patch is super villain Star-Lord, who is available as a hero!

As I said earlier, Rocket Racoon just received his level 52 review. He has a permanent Groot, which means the Team Up Groot is not available if the other Groot is. Sorry, heroes, you can't just run around with two Vin Diesels. Even Vin Diesel knows that's overpowered. He also gets new guns, a mech suit to pilot, a signature power, specialization options, and tons more.

Crafting gets a new feature, called Item Grade Increase. Currently, through various methods (including the new raid), players can collect what's called Eye of Demonfire. Eyes can be traded in to learn recipes, which will allow them to craft upgrades to their already existing gear. Gazillion plans to expand this when the raid has a harder version put in, which will allow for further expansions. This is currently in flux, and, as with any MMO system, subject to change based on feedback and actual performance.

Other additions with this patch include UI scalability, which will let players minimize or embiggen (look, it's really a word, OK?!?!!) their UI to their liking. Players can experience the Muspelheim Raid, which is listed as “green” and considered the new currently hardest content. The Omega System, in its final week of live beta, transitions over to non-beta. Omega is sort of like builds for your character. Any time significant changes are added to an Omega node (such as right now) free resets will be made available. The Login Reward system, with its recent success, has been ramped up to include more days to become even more rewardy (hey, that's a word, too).

Lastly, the game client received an optimization sweep and several bug fixes. The Optimization section is where you can learn all about Squirrel Girl's semi-boneless squirrels, as well as improvements to computer builds. Also in the patch notes is a Known Issues section, so you can see what the team is working on fixing, and an In Development section, where you can see what's being slated for the road ahead. I think one of my favorite things in this entire patch was an Easter Egg I found while pulling art assets from the patch notes. I left the original title on the image, so you, too, can have a little grin of enjoyment when you find it!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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