Marvel Heroes Launches Update 2.0: Asgard

Marvel Heroes’ largest update to date adds Loki and the Bifrost Bridge to unlock new zones in Asgard.

In what may have been missed by some during the BlizzCon madness over the weekend, Marvel Heroes rolled out its largest update to date with 2.0: Asgard. The update adds Loki as a new playable hero for players to unlock along with the Bifrost Bridge, the passageway to Asgard. Asgard is unlocked through a server-wide event and includes new areas, a new player hub, supervillains, and additional story content. Additionally, the hero roster for starting players has been expanded from 5 to 9 for free players. You can unlock other heroes through gameplay or the in-game store.

You can sign up to play for free and learn more on the Marvel Heroes website or via Steam. Check out the 2.0 Asgard patch notes for additional update details.

Source: Marvel Heroes Game Update 2.0 Asgard

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