There are two different types of players in MMOGs, and who you are
defines your entire gameplay experience.  As Medeor touched upon
this week, some players

saunter and some players speed level

Aion provides a couple of game mechanics to help break up the leveling process and put some carrots along the journey to end game. These decisions along with the ability to level while crafting provide some divergence off the norm. The trail blazers are well out in front leaving the rest of us to decide how best to enjoy the game.

I've been both.  It just depends on my goals for the moment and
what I want to accomplish.  There were times, in other games, where
I was aiming to experience end game content so my desire to get there
prompted long evening and weekend gaming sessions that required large
amounts of Diet Coke and Doritos and smaller amounts of sleep.  I
found that fun!  There is something great about accomplishing so
much in such a small amount of time and while it made for a furious burn
out when I was sitting at cap with nothing to do, getting there was a
blast and I never regretted it.

I'm a little bit older now, I require
a full nights sleep and the Doritos have been left behind for the sake
of my expanding backside.  Those points aside, I've learned to
enjoy the ride to level cap a bit more.  In Aion, I'm taking my time to explore, checking out the sights, and chit chatting
with the community.  I can log in a few nights a week and enjoy my
time just being in game rather than feeling like I need to cram 3 levels into one evening
of gameplay.

While my gaming style has changed, my main focus never
has.  I game to have fun and I expect whatever game I choose to
play to make that possible.  I'm seeing that Aion is a little bit
more grindy than other games I have played, but then the leveling curve
is a bit more steep too.  Is this NCsoft's way of getting gamers to
slow down to smell the roses?  Maybe, but I think the bigger
question is, should the game dictate how you play or should the game be
providing you with what you want to play how you want?

Come share your thoughts with our community
.  Are you blazing
through those levels in a mad fury or are you finding yourself enjoying
the journey just a little bit more this time around?

-Savanja, Aion Site

For those who started playing Aion at launch, the first free
month is just about over!  Don't forget that your first monthly
subscription charge will be coming soon if you've chosen to not cancel.

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Tip of the Week - If you're looking to get into crafting but
don't want to spend a ton of kinah on getting started, utilize work orders! 
Work order quests will give you most of the supplies you need to craft and will
reward you with needed items and recipes making them perfect for the newbie

They Must be Roleplayers...

I've seen some names that made me laugh and some that have made me
cry, these made me do both. 

A big hats off to the members of


and their three illustrious members: Kimkardashian, Jessicaalba, and
Katebeckinsale.  You made me groan and giggle at the same time, a
feat only my last boyfriend could previously accomplish.  /salute

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016