Following the successful Summer Alpha Event, development continues on Albion Online in preparation for the Closed Beta, set to kick off this November. The latest reveal from developer Sandbox Interactive outlines an upgrade to Private Islands that will no doubt come as welcome news for fans of the game.

Private Islands are slices of the game world that players are able to purchase in major cities. These spaces allow you to build houses and workshops, as well as decorate and farm. Up until this point the scope of the system has been somewhat limited, but thanks to player feedback, Sandbox Interactive has been hard at work to upgrade and improve the experience.

The upgraded version of Private Islands will introduce different island levels with additional farming plots. An expanded variety of decorative options will also be available, allowing players some additional flexibility in how you customize the environment. The number of farming and building plots can be expanded by spending Silver, with a total of five distinct levels for Private Islands currently in the works.

Along with the expansion upgrades, the closed beta for Albion Online will also introduce a system of hirable NPCs for resource collection. Full details on the new Laborers system will be revealed at a later date, no doubt at some point between now and the closed beta in November.

Be sure to check out the screenshots of Private Islands below, and for more details scamper on over to the official Albion Online website!

Source: On Upgradable Islands

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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