When the Allods Online Cash Shop launched last week it wasn't very well received by players as it sparked a backlash from the community who called the Cash Shop items a little too expensive. Last week's official response only served to infuriate some players further. This week, a new message was posted to address the community, apologizing for the break down in communication and asked for player patience as new pricing options are explored.

We want to make clear that this is something we are not taking lightly. We are not sitting and waiting just to see how many dollars we’re going to make over the next four weeks. It is very clear to us that players are already disgruntled with the situation and we are actively working on new pricing options to accommodate the masses. However, we ask the Allods community to please be patient with the situation! Adjustments like this cannot happen overnight. That’s why we continually encourage everyone to submit constructive feedback to us regarding your opinion about both the game and the item shop. In fact, we started a forum thread that we will be checking on an hourly basis here.

Some players have brought up new concerns associated with a recent patch to the Russian servers in which being resurrected now gives a player the Fear of Death debuff, making it almost mandatory to carry in-game perfumes that can be purchased through the Cash Shop or acquired in single doses by a daily quest to remove the debuff. Why is this so bad? The debuff scales with a player's level and lasts for roughly 2 hours at level 40 and can stack multiple times and Keen and Graev's Gaming Blog estimates this could end up costing players about $50 a month for end game PvE. Of course, those numbers will not be accurate for all players. Needless to say, not everyone is happy about this little change amidst the Cash Shop pricing concerns.

The team also took a moment to squash a rumor that recently popped up claiming that the original Allods Online developer, Astrum Nival, was no longer involved in the development of of the game. The announcement confirms that this rumor is untrue and that the original developers are still 100% involved in the game's development.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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