Allods Online has hit its share of bumps in recent months and Update 1.1 provided to be yet another hurdle for the devs to overcome as players voiced their concerns over some of the changes to the game. In an effort to better understand why players were so concerned about the changes, gPotato issued a survey that provided some useful feedback, but what really gave the developers some key insight was not the blind numbered statistics of the surveys, but the opportunity to speak with over 50 participants in the survey ranging from casual to hardcore players and a number of guilds.

The survey results have been an excellent way to quantify all of the feedback we’ve been receiving. Though, what has been proven to be most beneficial to us isn’t necessarily the survey – it was the opportunity to speak to over 50 different survey respondents and a number of guilds about their responses. We talked to players ranging from casual to hardcore. This was a fantastic experience that gave us great insight to how players felt about the most recent patch.

Thanks to the feedback received from players, gPotato is working with developer Astrum Nival to make improvements to the 1.1 update that should be patched in over the next two weeks. The changes will be region-specific and only affect North American and European service. The changes to the 1.1 patch include:

  • The Astral is being revamped! Astral isles will be much easier to find, astral Demons will not be as difficult, and the quantity of Astral drops will increase.
  • More tradeable items – The Rough Dragon Hide Backpack and Small Deposit Box will now be tradable.
  • More daily quests! Anew daily quest will allow players to receive the Incense blessing and another daily quest will give players on opportunity to earn an XP Scroll (Scroll of Knowledge).
  • Extended lifespan on item shop items – The expiration date on items acquired from the Item Shop will be increased to 30 days.

Check out the latest announcement for more.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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