We speculated on what went wrong with Anthem several weeks after it launched. Much of our thoughts were anecdotal, based on our own experiences of playing the game, and working in the industry. It seems we weren't wrong, but the circumstances surrounding Anthem at Bioware was far worse than we pictured. Stuck in development limbo for years due to poor management, a terrible game engine and lack of resources, it seems Anthem was only brought together in 18 months.

To read Jason's fantastic article, head here. It's a fascinating insight into game development, the troubles of a once proud studio, and how - fundamentally - poor management and publishers can cripple even the best teams. What's particularly interesting about the article is the fact Bioware instantly replied in a blog post that, to be blunt, offered little in the way of understanding. In fact, the final paragraph spectacularly misses the mark.

As a studio and a team, we accept all criticisms that will come our way for the games we make, especially from our players. The creative process is often difficult. The struggles and challenges of making video games are very real. But the reward of putting something we created into the hands of our players is amazing. People in this industry put so much passion and energy into making something fun. We don’t see the value in tearing down one another, or one another’s work. We don’t believe articles that do that are making our industry and craft better.

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Last Updated: Apr 03, 2019

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