It seems only hours after Patch 1.0.4 landed for Anthem, players were reporting issuesThe main problems being:

  • Stronghold bosses no longer guarantee Masterworks.

  • Teammates can now pick up your loot for you, so your inventory is constantly getting filled up with blues and purples and you don’t get the satisfaction of being able to pick up your own drops.

  • Half the items in Freeplay and Stronghold chests have been replaced with Embers. 

Needless to say the community isn't happy, with many posting their first hour stories.

Jump on, excited to see all the new changes..

Run the daily to get my key.. So far so good.

Jump into a GM2 stronghold.. First I notice I'm picking up loot from nowhere.. Then I realise other players can now pick up all the crap I don't want..great more salvaging and embers to add to my thousands I already have.

Finish the SH.. 2 chests opened including my own. Unlock 2 Vinyls.. Neither go to the forge, items just aren't there. Gone.

Decide to run a GM1 stronghold (GM2 just takes too long, I cba).. Get to the end.. Boss drops 4 blues, 1 chest gets opened.. 50 interceptor parts (I'm playing on a Collosus) and no guarnteed MW dropped .

Figure sod it.. One last try.. Join a Quickplay SH... It's bugged..

Switches off Anthem.

At this point, I'm not confident Bioware can get a grip on the Anthems woes.

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Last Updated: Mar 27, 2019

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