As if Anthem couldn't get any worse, its just been discovered that its entire loot scaling is nonsense, and level 1 abilities and weapons deal more damage than those at higher tiers. Instead of Anthem being designed for X enemy to have Y health, and for each ability or weapon to scale based on its rarity, it seems the entire game is simply scaled to the gun level. 

As an example, if you take a level 1 Cloudburst, and a Legendary Cloudburst, both - it appears - seem to deal the same damage to Legendary enemies. The key difference being that the game will recognise that the level 1 Cloudburst only needs 4 shots to kill your opponent, while the Legendary (because of its higher tier) needs multiple clips.

Having tested it this morning on Grandmaster 1 and Grandmaster 2 difficulties, with a level 30 Colossus with full beginner items, I can confirm that I ripped through enemies at twice the speed than with my Legendary setup. That, to be blunt, is absolutely bullshit. To make matters worse, Bioware say its a bug that'll be fixed, but I think it goes far deeper than that. Why, until it's fixed, would I equip anything other than my level 1 weapon? Take a look below.

Level 1 Weapon Damage Test Video from r/AnthemTheGame

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Last Updated: Mar 07, 2019

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