While not announced at PAX, Trion did let the cat ouf of the bag that 2.0 will hit ArcheAge on September 12th, two days after the sever reconfiguration announced earlier this month (on Sept 10th). This is how it's going to play out. On the 10th, servers go down for the sever evolution (merging servers, starting fresh start servers, etc.). So two days of no playing the game and then, BAM, Heroes Awaken launches with the fresh start servers on the 12th. Heroes Awaken, or patch 2.0, contains a massive amount of new content, along with the hero system (you can be elected a hero for 30-day periods of time).

Prepare to rise as a Hero of your faction via the new political system, upgrade your houses with new crafting-focused benefits, bolster your guild strength through expeditions, declare war on oppositon guilds, and much more.

  • The launch of Heroes Awaken will follow the ArcheAge Server Evolution (beginning Thursday, Sept. 10 at 1:00pm PDT (-7 GMT)). All ArcheAge servers will be unavailable for at least 48 hours as we begin the server merge and update the game.
  • After the merge is complete, we will re-open all ArcheAge servers, welcome our newly evolved servers, AND launch our brand-new Fresh Start servers: Rangora and Morpheus! The launch of Heroes Awaken has been targeted for 1:00pm PDT (-7 GMT) on Saturday, Sept. 12, though its final date and time are subject to downtime duration and may be extended. Stay tuned to the forums for the latest timing announcements!

Players have been looking forward to patch 2.0 for awhile and there is currently some argument as to the time being 1pm PDT (4PM EST, 8PM in the UK, etc.) and the possability that it could take longer. However, the game has changed a lot over the last year, and patch 2.0 is just more forward movement for the game, so this I think is a good thing for ArcheAge. As far as server merges go, there is some stress over claiming land, but I'm sure it'll work itself out in the coming days.

That's all there is for ArcheAge right now, other than the ongoing anniversary event. You can read more over on the official site.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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