Two things are for certain: a lot of news is happening all over gaming today and I'm pretty terrible at making puffy Ses in MS Paint with a mouse.

You might have heard that the ArcheAge beta began today, or at least Closed Beta 1. Invites went out, the internet held key contests, and everyone who preordered got a key. My version of the game is just sitting there, tempting me, telling me that something new and shiny awaits and screw just writing about it. I'm trying to show some restraint here, thankyouverymuch.

Lineage II released their new trailer for the Ertheia expansion, which will be released on the 30th. It clocks in at just over eight minutes in length, giving you background about the upcoming expansion. There's something puffy with big eyes running around. It looks cute enough to squeeze.

Obsidian revealed a new map for Armored Warfare, called Port. Port is a massive and expansive zone created specifically with armored warfare in mind. The game is currently in beta, and accepting sign-ups.

The Witcher House of Glass #5 comic book, presented by a collaboration between Dark Horse and CD Projekt RED is now available in both physical and digital formats.

Bohemia Interactive's had a busy week. Arma 3 received its Bootcamp update, which has tutorials for both single and multiplayer, and the Virtual Arsenal, a place where you can try out about everything. They've also released a new addon category for the Steam Workshop, and are now holding a huge prize (like 500k euros huge) in prizes for people who make the best addons. You have until January of 2015 to “Make Arma Not War” by going here.

My personal favorite game where you don't have to worry about killing newbish mobs and just get straight to boss killing, World 2, has released a new trailer full of cuddly creepiness in its Gameplay Prototype demo. Dear internet: keep in mind it's a prototype, please?

Ubisoft teamed up with Germany's as the publisher for all things Ubi in Europe. I tried going to the site and checking it out, but all I got were a bunch of PHP failures. Couple that with gamigo's 2012 hackathon fiasco, and well, let's just say I don't want to wish being part of Ubi PR on anyone right now. I do love the name, though. Gamigo has a good amount of cheese to it.

The rest of the page was blank, good job.

Oh hey. You probably haven't thought about Age of Wushu in a bit, unless ArcheAge reminds you of it, but it's getting an expansion at the end of July, called Warriors Ascension. It promises “loads of new features” and Tier 6 armor. Party on, Wade.

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Last Updated: Mar 18, 2016

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