I don't know how to sugarcoat ArcheAge's launch issues and the problems that have plagued it since. The game, originally, looked amazing to me, but between the sour community and a few odd choices, the game has been the center of a storm of controversy. Someone posted a heath roadmap with options, and then Trion responded to it. Ramping up the purge of bots and listing to the community. The original post contains various strawpoll links to bring in feedback about the game. Those strawpolls, while a limited section of players (about a 1,000 have responded to each), show Trion has a PR uphill battle to win back over the respect and love of some ArcheAge players.

Which shouldn't be hard, from the various comments I've read, it seems if Trion will launch a new server and implement changes to fix issues with bots, housing, and a plethora of other issues, then it seems a lot of players want to come back. However, until their demands are met, it seems things are an empasse.

We've also stepped it up when it comes to taking care of bots and hacking. Over the last 2 weeks alone, thanks to some of the posts we've been making in the community and a renewed interest in reporting from the community itself, we've increased the amount of bots we ban by 300%. This month marks the most bots and illegal gold we've ever removed from the game, and the month isn't even over yet! This is thanks to not only us devoting more dedicated staff to the problem, but also identifying ways to make our approach more effective. This is where your reports come in, and, thanks to those, our methods are getting better and better. So, please, continue to report!

It's ever so important to know that XLGames are the developers of ArcheAge, Trion is just the North American publisher. Their hands are tied about a lot of things and a lot of the ways the game is taken care of. They have control over some areas, but it's a bit more complicated than Trion is just a bad person or whatever. I mean, the community is usually upset over the Pay2Win elements, but it's good that Trion is opening up communication and talking about it.

Anyway, if you like ArcheAge or think some changes are needed, hop in those threads and provide feedback. The only way to get your opinion out there is to talk about it.

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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