It looks like ArcheAge is making a move, getting ready to launch Omens of Dread Prophecies rather soon. To kick off the launch, they have three neat events coming up, the first being the "Reap What You Sow" event.

Adventurers are racing back to their fields and farms to turn their swords to plowshares, stockpiling goods and resources for the challenges ahead. During this event, spending Labor Points will reward half of it back as a bonus. For every 1000 Labor Points spent, a bound 500 Labor Point potion will be sent to the most recently active character on that account.

Sort of like your local clothing store, if you spend 1000 Labor Points, you'll get 500 back to your most recently active character, meaning that you will be refunded almost half of all labor spent on Monday. The countdown ends 1pm PDT Sunday, April 19 and the potions will be awarded the day after. The neat thing is that they're potions, so you'll thankfully be able to spend your labor points as they come. Two more events will occur:

  • Bearing Treasures from Distant Shores: April 24-27 (Rewards the 28th): Earn 20 loyalty points by turning in Charcoal, Rock Salt, Crystal, or Dragon Essence Stabilizers trade packs and earn even more by being the top 5 turn ins for Dragon Essence Stabilizers to win some cool prizes.
  • Chum the Waters: Late April (April 27th?) – May 2: Double Honor

Dread Prophecies is a big content update coming for ArcheAge introducing tons of new features like ship customization, naval battle revamp, and new zones. This will come to players on April 27th for the first rollout of the content and April 28th for the second part (customization changes and new zones). Tons of fun to be had in game in the mean time and you can find out more about the update here.


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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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