Team-based tactical multiplayer madness is sweeping the nation, and thus far there is only one known cure: Atlas Reactor. Being developed in its highly secretive orbital research facility, Trion Worlds is hard at work on its next entry in the wide world of online multiplayer gaming, and this one is all about the simultaneous turn-based gameplay.

While I could surely babble out an appropriate descriptor for what Atlas Reactor is all about, the following snippet from the official trailer release announcement sums things up quite nicely:

In Atlas Reactor, turns are divided into two modes: Decision mode, where players choose their actions, and Resolution Mode, where players watch their decisions play out. Each turn is broken into four distinct phases, which always proceed in the same order - Prep, Dash, Blast and Move - with each phase coinciding with specific gameplay actions. By working together as a team and predicting and understanding enemy actions and phases, players must devise the best strategy to put themselves one step ahead of the competition and achieve victory.

That sounds pretty darn cool, but what is the game like in action? The brand new trailer below helps fill in many of the blanks and should give you a better idea of what makes Atlas Reactor tick.

Still hungry for more? Be sure to visit the official Atlas Reactor website for additional info, updates, and of course the opportunity to sign up for a chance to participate in the upcoming Alpha test. And bees!

UPDATE / Correction:

We apologize for any hardships created by our original post which states that the Atlas Reactor website contains bees. To the best of our knowledge the site does not, nor will it contain any live bees, so those of you with allergic reactions to bees can still safely sign up for the Alpha test. 

To read the latest guides, news, and features you can visit our Atlas Reactor Game Page.

Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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