When the much loved hockey variant of Rocket League left the game at the end of it's season, everyone wondered whether we would get another game mode based on a real world sport and it looks like we are. Rocket League will be introducing a Basketball mode to it's playlists this April and it looks like it's going to be amazing.

While we don't know all the details surrounding the new mode, Psyonix Design Director Corey Davis shed some light on it in an interview at this years GDC, specifically about how the hoops game mode will be more difficult than the hockey variant or the regular mode.

It's a lot harder than hockey to pick up and score, and it's kind of a test in terms of, like, is a more hardcore mode going to be received well or not?

Because it's really fun, especially for dunking, you don't have to aerial. It's fairly possible to hit the ball and have it shoot in like an actual basketball shot.

Expect new details on the game mode as we continue to get closer to April.

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Last Updated: Mar 25, 2016

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