Have you somehow finished everything there is to do in Blade & Soul? Well you're in luck either way, as new content is making its way into the game. Two new epic dungeons, a single player dungeon, and another level of Hongmoon weapons will be arriving in the update. The biggest

  • Mushin's Tower: a single-player instanced dungeon
  • Bloodshade Harbor: a 4- or 6-player epic dungeon
  • Nightshade Harbor: a 24-person epic dungeon
  • Hongmoon Level 5

So the tower is a multi-level single player channel, where the Harbors are basically regular dungeons with awesome loot, and finally Hongmoon Level 5 means that at level 45, you can now gain up to 5 total skill points through the Hongmoon Level system. So that means that even after level 45, you'll still have more content to go through to fully max your character out. Considering that we're many updates behind the Eastern release of the game, we should see an aggressive content release schedule in the coming months, with at least enough new content to sate the demands of max level players.

Blade & Soul is free-to-play, utilizing a subscription service and an item shop for monetization. You can check out the official site for news on the update and while you're there, if you haven't, look into the game.

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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