If you're looking for an extreme beverage to quench your battle thirst and you live in Australia, a beer is being crafted just for you. Australian beer company Black Hops Brewing has partnered with Activision to make a limited run of "Black Hops Mignight Pale Ale" in honor of the latest Call of Duty Black Ops title. The beer is available to residents of Australia 4 days before the game launches on November 2nd.

Here's the official description from the brewer's website.

A classic American Pale Ale that is crisp, light and refreshing with tantalising hop aromas of pine and citrus fruit. Then we fused it with a specialty roasted wheat to impart a deep rich black colour without any of the harsh roast or bitter flavours that you might expect from a dark ale. Simply put, we took a Pale Ale and we painted it Black – a representation of this unique coming together of Black Ops III and Black Hops Brewery.

Fallout 4 is another game that recently announced it's partnership with a brewery to get it's own beer. Carlsberg UK is the supplier and the beer becomes available November 3rd. 


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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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