PvP in Black Prophecy is about to get a swift kick into overdrive with Episode 2: Species War. Set to release early this month, Episode 2 will upgrade the Black Prophecy PvP experience with the addition of a new warzone feature, which will pit opposing factions against each other for fast-paced dogfights in an effort to gain control of the opposing faction’s warzone outpost.

Winners of a warzone will earn “major XP” rewards and the benefit of trading their earnings for exclusive upgrade blueprints available only in the warzone hubs. More victories will bring more rewards for the entire faction. There’s more content to Episode 2 than just the warzone and PvP enhancements and gamigo will be revealing additional details about the update as it nears release sometime this month.

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Black Prophecy Expands Its PvP Universe With "Episode 2: Species War"

Hamburg, August 31, 2011 - Black Prophecy, the award-winning and highly acclaimed free-to-play MMOG, has been turning heads worldwide.

Renowned for its high quality visuals and breakneck PvP action, Black Prophecy has created a new benchmark in the universe of space combat gaming. With the upcoming release of the game's newest expansion, Black Prophecy - Episode 2: Species War, the game's once vast darkness is about to light up with the fiery glow of ships blazing - and exploding - across the sky.

Arriving in early September, Black Prophecy - Episode 2: Species War upgrades the PvP experience by adding an all new warzone feature. In it, opposing player factions will face off against one another in epic dogfights, each vying for control of an opponent's warzone outpost.

Those victorious will reap such high rewards as major XP and the ability to trade their earnings for exclusive upgrade blueprints that can only be found in warzone hubs. As more outposts are won, the player's faction will earn greater individual and group powers, which will aid them in reaching the ultimate goal of total domination of the known universe.

Of course, like any great battle, there is much more of this story to be told. Many more details will be revealed as we approach the early September release of Black Prophecy - Episode 2: Species War. Until then, start your own faction today by downloading Black Prophecy for free from http://blackprophecy.gamigo.com/.


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