New sci-fi action RPG, BlazeSky, is set to warp into Early Access in August. Open world, setting in some gorgeous space regions, the 2.5D adventure channels its inner Wing Commander and Asteroids, to turn out a modern sci-fi adventure. In the latest press release, Early Access details have been shared.

What's the game offering? Well, quite a lot actually.

  • 30 stunning hand-crafted star systems

  • 50 playable ships, each with unique aesthetics and characteristics

  • Over 25 hours of story-driven gameplay

  • Wide range of weaponry to customize your ship with

  • A dozen NPC allies nestled within a variety of starbases who’ll propel your story forwards

  • Fight against a galaxy of original enemies, made up of murderous raiders, alien races, invaders from another reality, and sinister AI

  • Simple, accessible controls in a 2.5D setting

Here's the latest trailer, and the official press release below. 

Kirkland, WA, July 20th, 2020 - BlazeSky developer Double Robot is pleased to announce that its sci-fi action RPG is set to warp into Early Access on August 17th! 

Giving players the opportunity to buy the game ahead of its official launch in September, the Early Access provides fans with an exclusive ship and missile texture pack, and an early adopter price of $14,99.

“Early Access is going to provide a unique opportunity for feedback from real players all over the world.” states Lead Developer, Will Iverson. “I’m looking forward to hearing from everyone on everything – the story, the features, and gameplay balance. I can’t wait to share the world of BlazeSky – a modern science fiction open world environment – with fans of science fiction new and old.” 

BlazeSky blends the timeless gameplay of Wing Commander and the scope and action of Privateer, into a stunning 2.5D setting. It provides an accessible control scheme, 30 hand-crafted star systems, and over 25 hours of story-driven, voice-acted gameplay, to create an incredible sci-fi action RPG. 

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Last Updated: Jul 31, 2020

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