The latest game from the developers of Devil May Cry, Bleeding Edge, as far as I'm concerned, is already onto a winner. After For Honor sort of did well, and then faltered, there's room on the market for a competitive, melee based multiplayer title that players can try their hand at. While it's too early to say whether it'll have an ESports scene, there's no doubt that Ninja Theory are eyeing one.

With companies such as Free Bet Info already talking up the odds on the title becoming a huge success, and with the studio already having delivered a handful of genre classics, there's little wonder that people are excited, and already advertising for teams. While I've no doubt that many were hoping for another single player title, I think it's fair to say that Ninja Theory deserve a crack at something steeling focused.

Like I mentioned previously, For Honor is its nearest rival, and despite Ubisofts attempts at creating a competitive, gritty title, its sort of died quietly. There's room on the market for something like Bleeding Edge, and regardless of the fact people are already making Overwatch comparisons (why?!), I can honestly looks stunning.

Its been a long time since I've seen characters who are not only full of life and personality, but they all look outrageously good. I often sing the praises of Battlerite for how well Stunlock Studios design Champions and skins, but it has to be said, I think Ninja Theory may have actually beaten them at their own game here. The characters in Bleeding Edge look like a mix between Brink, Overwatch and Battlerite, and that is a bloody good place to be in. 

IGN have had the good fortune of playing an early Alpha of the game, and there's a few things that are apparent. Firstly, each Fighter has a role, whether that's healer, tank or DPS. Secondly, each Fighter has a set of skills, specials and ultimate abilities unique to them (known as supers here). Thirdly, each arena has a set of control points that you'll need to capture in order to amass points and eventually win. 

With Alpha beginning on June 27th, you should sign up pretty quickly if you're wanting to dive in on both Xbox and PC. My gut tells me that the game will do exceptionally well, and as long as Ninja Theory place a lot of focus on balance, I see no reason why it won't pull players from multiple genres (especially MOBA's). 

You can sign up for the Alpha here

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Last Updated: Jun 10, 2019

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