Blizzard Community Manager Vaeflare was kind enough to reply to a question on the forums, expressing some users' concerns about the game's readiness to be fully launched in June. It's clear there's a significant portion of the player base who feels the game is not currently ready as is, and they're worried what will happen if the game exits beta before certain things are changed. In response, Vaeflare states that Blizzard has a lot of things they're still working on for Heroes of the Storm, and while they can't share all details, they could give us this "high-level overview" of some of the things they're looking at:

  • We’re putting a lot of effort into improving performance issues and intend to show more relevant information so players are better informed about where their performance has degraded.
  • As you might expect, we’re continuing to work on balancing heroes.
  • We’re also continuing to test and will eventually implement changes which should further improve matchmaking.
  • Behind-the-scenes we’re working on new Heroes, mounts, Skins, Battlegrounds, and content we can’t talk about yet because they’re simply not ready. But we’re excited to share them with you when the time comes.

This certainly doesn't solve everything, but it certainly looks like it's at least a step in the right direction. What are your thoughts? Are there any aspects of the game you feel need improvement before Heroes is ready to leave the beta phase? Let us know!

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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