Time to join the Cabal, kids.

Cabal Online just announced their North American launch.

OGPlanet, an innovative provider
of multiplayer online games, today announced the North American
commercial launch of CABAL ONLINE, a full-service massively
multiplayer online game that already boasts nearly 1 million players
in more than 12 countries throughout Asia and Europe .

"The launch of CABAL ONLINE is a huge event for us," said David
Hoffman, Executive Producer for OGPlanet. "The beta testing periods
were met with a very positive reception, and we're anxious to watch
CABAL's popularity in North America grow. We're thrilled to be able to
provide an MMO of this caliber under a free-to-play model." Although
CABAL was developed with a subscription-based model in mind, OGPlanet
is offering the game under a free-to-play system, consistent with the
company's model. An option to purchase in-game items does exist, but
the purchasable items will not be integral to the gameplay experience.

"It is important to us to find a balance ensuring our players the full
experience of CABAL Online without paying a penny," said Hoffman. "The
items purchasable by Astros, our OGPlanet-wide in-game currency, will
give players ways to make it from 'Point A' to 'Point B' more quickly,
but won't give them any sort of permanent advantage over players who
might not have the budget to utilize the Cash Shop. We're very pleased
with the result: a free-to-play MMORPG with everything you would
expect from a subscription-based game."

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016