Mark Jacobs took to writing almost a full novella about Camelot Unchained, thanking the community for their support up until this point, and details about the stealth system. Dark Age of Camelot had one of the most interesting stealth systems in any MMO to date. The fear of stealthers were very real. I don't know if it was so much the actual stealth mechanics, or if it was the fact that the stealthers provided an infinite value to not only players engaging in RvR, but made going in small groups a true fearful experience. Really, there was nothing more scary than leaving your keep and walking through one of the border keeps (my goodness I've forgotten their name) in emain only to instantly die and look at another 15 minutes to come back.

Really, DAoC stealthers were sort of like slendermen. If you were at a point you could see them and they were right behind you, you were dead, but if you seen one approaching then pshaw get off my lawn slender. In a way, Camelot Unchained is trying to bring this feeling back, but also making sure stealthers have a complex enough gameplay that they're hard, but the difficulty is rewarding beyond oh it's hard to play. Stealther were critical in DAoC as scouts, often sitting on hills staring at the movements of various zergs and gank groups. On nights that word was out of a relic raid, they'd place themselves throughout a zone and sacrifice their time and fun to stare at a screen watching for enemies coming in.

The article goes into great details about their plans for stealthers, the similarities to DAoC and other games, and how it's going to play well with CU's system, including addressing fears that it could thrawt the idea of a solo player:

For those that are concerned that this proposed system, no matter how noble our intent, could become OP, or force solo players to not venture outside without a guard or friend, I urge you to keep one thing in mind: we haven’t waited this long to talk more about stealth without having very strong opinions/ideas about it. The addition of stealth, both in its manner and systems, must fit in with everything else that I have talked about for the last two years. Whether it is through devices, class counter-play, sound, or other mechanisms, stealth is not going to be “Easy Mode” for those who choose to go down the path.

Sounds good to me! If you have an entire afternoon to read the post, it's over on the Camelot Unchained website.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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