It used to be that when someone uttered "post-apocalypse" they were referring to something fairly specific. It was a polite way of saying "a period in time hallmarked by great human stupidity as rich men with too much power probably started a war that resulted in blowing everything up, thus resulting in kicking humanity back down the evolutionary staircase." These days, however, pop culture has given us a false sense of security considering most folks are just as likely to assume that "apocalypse" and "zombie" are two terms that go hand in hand like "hobo" and "ham sandwich".

Don't get me wrong, a proper zombie apocalypse would no doubt be terrifying... if it weren't absolute fiction, or George Romero's vision had remained a bit more intact rather than being the stuff of cute plushies and novelty socks you can buy at the local mall.

In sharp contrast, the whole Cold War era and mentality was that it was only a matter of time before global conflict got out of hand, and then the next thing you know it we'd all be surviving on radioactive pork-n-beans and Twinkies.

For those of you who think of a proper, good old fashioned apocalypse of the somebody set up us the bomb variety, free-to-play sandbox MMOG Xsyon is continuing its weekend event series with a fishing tournament this weekend. The official word on the event (and series) goes something like this:

"What better way to spend Memorial Weekend than relax and go fishing?

This weekend, Xsyon will hold a fishing tournament on both the War and Peace servers. Poles and baskets will be supplied and participants will be teleported to a special event zone fishing hole. Valuable prizes of the winner's choosing will be awarded. Bring your own beer!

Events are planned to continue through summer with contents, scavenger hunts, races and building competitions coming up."

More information on the fishing event happening this weekend is available on the official Xsyon website. You'll also want to be sure to let your fingers do the walking over to the Xsyon Events Calendar and Events Forum to see what else is looming over the horizon in-game. 

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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Reuben "Sardu" Waters has been writing professionally about the MMOG industry for eight years, and is the current Editor-in-Chief and Director of Development for Ten Ton Hammer.