If you're a gold member for Champions Online then next month when you login, you'll be able to cash in for an Inflatable Giraffe. This is noteworthy because it's a pretty cool reward to me and I think anyone playing CO will probably love to have it on their character for that sort of Deadpool fashion style.

The August Bonus for Gold Subscribers is approaching! This month's reward is the Inflatable Giraffe and will be available starting August 1 through August 31. This awesome summer piece is now available on the Public Test Server for preview!

Champions Online will basically give you this:

If you pay the ransom and upgrade to gold, or if you miss it this month, buy a lifetime membership. Honestly, it's a bit hard for me, because the inflatable floatie looks amazing, but I'm not a big Champions player. Anyway, if you're playing and you're a gold member, be sure to cash out on this next month in the game.

Champions has a pretty good character creator, lots of depth to making your character, and it's one of the few super hero MMOs out there. It's not branded, like Marvel Heroes 2015 or DC Universe, so you basically play as thrift shop heroes, but it's still I think a rather fun game and fills a niche in the market.

Champions Online is a free-to-play super hero MMO, you can play it over at Perfect World's Arc.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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