Champions Online has launched its new Vivox Voice Chat service and unveiled a lineup of update content in new State of the Game.

Vivox Voice Chat has officially released for Champions Online, likely sealing the fate of most text-based chat for the game. But this week also brings new information about plenty of future content in the latest State of the Game.

The new comic content is in full swing with Issue 5 of Aftershock launching this week, but Cryptic doesn't plan to stop there. Issue 6 is due out next week and the update included a new image of one of the environments players will get to explore when Issue 6 arrives next week.

Also launching next week are player hideouts, a personal base of sorts that will allow players a place to socialize, organize groups and include a number of convenience options to make your heroes life a little easier.

Players can also get a look at some of the things in the works for the game in future content updates such as PvP changes, new C-Store items and new powers and gear. Check out the full State of the Game for all the latest details.


Champions Online June State of the Game

Champions Online Vivox Announcement

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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