RuneScape is an interesting game to me, because I've never honestly played it, but literally, well more figuratively, every single person I know has played it. I mean, I've played it, I've put a good 20 to 30 hours into it and its various iterations, which constantly change (Jagex isn't afraid of revamping their game frequently), but it's a rather popular game that honestly doesn't gear nearly the love it should. Today DarkScape is released. This isn't specifically a seperate game, but instead a really interesting game mode with some new rules:

DarkScape is now live and playable for free! This experimental new game takes RuneScape and throws it into chaos, giving you free reign for intense combat and ruthless trade wars.

  • Wilderness rules everywhere means heart-pounding PvP combat.
  • Three separate economies and lucrative high-risk regions mean enticing prospects for enterprising merchants.
  • Most of RuneScape's content – completely free – and a fresh level 1 start means an adventure-filled, high-risk world for everyone.
  • RuneScape members get additional benefits to help with quicker progression.
  • Frequent updates, inspired by player activity.

This reminds me of the old school PvP server rulesets which were really fun before people got max level and would camp out in the newbie areas, and if not the newbie areas (if they were protected), the roads leading out of the newbie areas. Actually it reminds me of a really awesome WoW PvP story, when I was a little Xerin on a PvP server, I took my horde character into Ashenvale and became a ninja, taking out various characters at my level with surprise ambushes for hours, feeling like I was basically Kenshin.

Anyway, DarkScape is available now - to play log into RuneScape and choose the DarkScape server. If you want more details about the update, check out the official website.

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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