It’s been a really long wait for that first DLC pack for Defiance. The original targeted release for the Castithan Charge Pack DLC was expected to launch on April 8th, just one week after the game’s official release. But given the huge number of issues that plagued Defiance across multiple platforms following its April 2nd launch, the decision was made to delay the DLC’s release to address some of the issues. The delay started as a week and ended up closer to four and a half months, but the release is now within sight.

The Castithan Charge Pack DLC will finally launch on Tuesday, August 20th and is priced at about $10. The DLC comes with a free portion for players as well as the paid portion, which includes the new Castithan race, additional story missions, a new Battle Arena mode, the Castithan Charge Blade melee weapon & ceremonial mask, and more. Read more about the DLC and check out the trailer below for a peak at the new content.

Source: Defiance DLC Announcement

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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