It’s patch day once again for Dungeons & Dragons Online (DDO). Turbine today deployed Update 20, adding two new free quests for players with the Forgotten Realms mystery “A Study in Sable” and a chance to aid the warforge in “Brothers of the Forge

  • A Study in Sable (CD 26) - Venture into the Forgotten Realms for a classic mystery...DDO style! A group of guests gather at a manor near Eveningstar, and each night one of them falls victim to a powerful vampire caster - charmed to become his unwitting servant! It’s up to you to investigate the manor, and search for clues to discover who has been charmed. Tread lightly, for many creatures are known to roam the manor! Speak with Winne Harker near the Mailbox in Eveningstar to start unraveling the mystery.
  • Brothers of the Forge (CR 28) - Accompany an old warforged friend, Talbron Tewn, back to the deadly and desolate Mournland in Khorvaire to help rescue an ally! See first-hand how the Warforged were honed to become the ultimate combat weapons! It is here that you will not only face ruthless adversaries, but also come to know the plight of the Warforged. Talbron Tewn can be found in House Cannith near the Marketplace Entrance.

The Reincarnation changes that were at the heart of so much controversy early in the update’s testing also goes live today following a few feedback-based revisions along with a change to the character XP curve and boosts VIP bonuses. You can read the official patch notes and check out our preview of Update 20 with the devs for more.

Source: DDO Update 20

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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