I thought I'd open this morning's news with this article. According to BREITBART.com - "An addiction center is opening Europe's first detox clinic for game addicts, offering in-house treatment for people who can't leave their joysticks alone."

Upon further thought, I said to myself, "Awen, this could be you!" MMORPG games have a decidedly high number of addicts. These people quit school, their jobs, their families in order to get their gaming fix. It started seven years ago with a little game I like to call EverQuest.

Now, there's a fix (albeit an expensive one) for the DT's of gaming.

Video games may look innocent, but they can be as addictive as gambling or drugs _ and just as hard to kick, says Keith Bakker, director of Amsterdam-based Smith & Jones Addiction Consultants.

Bakker already has treated 20 video game addicts, aged 13 to 30, since January. Some show withdrawal symptoms, such as shaking and sweating, when they look at a computer.

His detox program begins in July. It will run four to eight weeks, including discussions with therapists and efforts to build patients' interests in alternative activities.

"We have kids who don't know how to communicate with people face-to- face because they've spent the last three years talking to somebody in Korea through a computer," Bakker said. "Their social network has completely disappeared."

Is he insinuating that it's the Korean's fault? *gasp*

You can read this entire article here.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016