The EVE Online community may have a reputation for being sneaky, devious, and destructive in the metagame, but they always come through in a disaster and serve as a shining example that gamers are a generous lot and not the sociopaths that modern media tries to portray us as. In the past, the EVE Online community has rallied to countries in need that include Japan following the earthquake and tsunami disaster in 2011, Haiti's disastrous earthquake of 2010, the 2010 monsoon flooding of Pakistan, the 2011 storm disaster that ravaged the US, and others.

As part of their latest charitable drive that kicked off back in November, CCP and the EVE Online community managed to muster over $190,000 to donate to the Icelandic Red Cross to aid in relief efforts for the Philippines following the Typhoon Haiyan disaster. In total, the EVE community donated $190,890 to the “PLEX for Good” campaign, which ended last week. If you’re curious to see how all that breaks down in time, ISK and PLEX, be sure to read the latest EVE dev blog for a bit of statistical analysis.

Source: CCP Press Release

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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