After yesterday's news about Fallout 76's new subscription model for its private servers, it turns out all is not well. According to Forbes (and a shit-ton of other sources), it's filled with so many bugs and faults that throwing $12 at Fallout 76 at this point, would be tantamount to burning your hard earned cash.

While there's seemingly tons of issues, it seems the main two are the fact that using the unlimited Scrap Box is actually deleting items, while the "new" servers are - seemingly - recycled old instances, complete with histories and dead enemies. To add insult to injury, it seems players on private servers can't stop others from turning up - even if they don't want them to. 

The “private” aspect is up for debate too. Players with big friends lists, ie. merchants who sell players goods in the game, are finding that they can’t prevent people from joining their private servers where they just want to relax and play by themselves or with a few friends. Without some sort of “invisible” mode, other players can see your instance and join it.

At this point in proceedings, is anyone even remotely surprised? It's Bethesda, their content is always buggy, and players backing this really should have known better. 

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Last Updated: Oct 25, 2019

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