Gamigo has revealed more details about the next update to Black Prophecy with Episode 3: Rise of the Boids. The latest announcement brings news of a level cap increase, which will boost the maximum level for Black Prophecy to 50.

Episode 3: Rise of the Boids increases the level cap all the way to 50! Equipment, Items, and Specials will all receive higher level versions as well, allowing players to create ships more powerful than ever seen in-game.

Fansite Prophecy Nation has also gotten their hands on a few exclusive screenshots of the upcoming raid encounters set to go live with the update. Additionally, new lore has been posted to the Black Prophecy website that details the new threat arriving with Episode 3: Rise of the Boids.


Black Prophecy website

Prophecy Nation

A New Threat Pat 1: The Boids

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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