Here we go again folks. The hacking spree of 2011 obviously didn’t stay behind as we passed into a new year. Gamigo has found itself the latest recipient of an unwilling visit from an uninvited guest. According to a post on the Jagged Alliance Online forums, the publisher shut down access to its Account System yesterday following a detected intrusion.

Account services may remain down for some time as gamigo investigates the issue, but for now, the team hasn’t confirmed if any user details may have been compromised. The message further stated that user passwords are encrypted and character data is secured on an additional backup.

Dear community,

We detected an illegal intrusion into our gamigo Account System (gAS).

Because of this we have turned off all possibly affected services including registration, account management and payment services to investigate this issue.

gamigo always stores all passwords encrypted and no access to account names and other data is confirmed.

Game services are unaffected and your character data including items is secured by additional backup.

Please recognize that - although the game servers are still available - the gAS services might be down for a while.

We are sorry for the inconvenience and will keep you updated with information.

Your gamigo team

For now, we’ll have to play the wait and see game as gamigo determines the extent of the breach.

Source: Gamigo Intrusion Announcement

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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