TERA continues doing well on Steam, sitting within the top 50 games by current player count. And while it does sit a bit lower than Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn on the most recently available stats, on average it has remained the top MMO since hitting Steam on May 5th.

Today TERA also has a major update that bundles even more value into its free-to-play package. A major centerpiece for the Go Berserk update is the introduction of a fairly substantial number of new level 65 taking skills for the berserker class. Among them is the new Intimidation skill that not only adds in some proper taunt mechanics, but also alters a number of other skills. Axe Block, Flatten, Staggering Strike, Fiery Rage, Raze and Unchained Anger each gain new effects that increase threat, decrease damage, and restore HP.

New and updated dungeons also factor in the mix, giving players ample opportunities to put the berserker tanking skills to the test. These include the 5-player Timestamp, the new 10-player Akeron’s Inferno, and an updated return of the 5-player dungeon, The Vault of Kaprima. Of course, what are new dungeons without new gear? The update also includes new Tier 7 gear, along with a new dressing-room feature that will allow players to preview cosmetic items for any race or class.

Call me crazy, but I’m definitely glad to see the dressing-room feature being added to TERA. Ever since similar systems began popping up in other MMOs, it has become one of those features you assume will be a stock include for any major title in the genre. In a game like TERA, there are loads of interesting and unique pieces of gear, so being able to preview them is a major boon.

Also on the update front, TERA players will also be getting a new 15v15 battleground known as Gridiron. This is a fresh take on the classic deathmatch mode, where players are dropped into the middle of an enormous factory with the goal of racking up as many enemy player kills as possible within the 10 minute match. Given how plenty of MMO gamers go into just about any game mode and focus too much on player kills versus objectives and team play, I’m always in favor of seeing proper deathmatch modes in the mix.

More details and info on the Go Berserk update can be found on the official website, so do be sure to check it out!  

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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