Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising began development back in 2005 under developer Perpetual Entertainment, but following legal and financial troubles, the developer went belly-up in 2007 and the title was thought lost. But Heatwave Interactive came onto the scene in 2010 and scooped up the IP.

It’s been a little over a year since Heatwave acquired the title and the game has gone through many changes, but today the legions of Rome prepare to march with the official launch of Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising. Check out our preview of Rome’s finest and the full press release after the break.

Heatwave Interactive Announces the Global Launch of  Gods & HeroesTM: Rome Rising

Epic Roman Mythology MMO Now Available at Select Retail and Digital Outlets

AUSTIN, Texas - June 21, 2011 - Heatwave Interactive, Inc., today announced that Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising, the massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) inspired by the glory and mythology of ancient Rome, is now available at select North American retail and digital outlets and will be available at retail in Europe on Friday, June 24.  Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising brings to life the epic mythology and legendary history of Rome circa 300 BC.

"Rome wasn't built in a day and neither was Gods & Heroes," said Anthony Castoro, Heatwave CEO and Co-Founder. "We harnessed the passion of our community and commitment of our development team to deliver the first MMO that completely immerses players in the epic brutality that was ancient Rome."

Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising is a full-scale action-adventure MMORPG set amid the familiar landmarks and legendary environments of ancient Rome. Each player's character is a Demigod, a child of both god and mortal, and celebrated Hero who must battle an ancient enemy that has returned to topple the empire and avenge their defeat at the hands of the Olympian gods. Unique gameplay features include:

  • Squad-Based Minion System - Players create, customize and command a squad of minions that level up with them in combat. As players advance through the game, they recruit from over 130 unique minions, each with specific roles and powerful abilities.
  • Massive Estate System - Unlike any MMO housing system, players are given a huge tract of land to build upon.  They must rebuild the structures destroyed by the Telchinist Cultists to recruit and upgrade their army of minions. Only then can a player become powerful enough to hunt down and defeat the evil Telchinists and regain their honor.
  • Tandem Combat Action - Wield an arsenal of weapons and the powers of the gods themselves to perform combat moves which can be linked together, including dramatic finishing moves for intense battle sequences.

Gods & Heroes Standard Retail Edition and Collector's Edition of the game sell for $49.99 and $79.99 USD, respectively.  A digital download version of Gods & Heroes is also available for $39.99.  Following 30 days of free gameplay, Heatwave is offering a one-month subscription for an introductory price of $9.99.

For more information on Gods & Heroes, please visit: http://playgodsandheroes.com/.

About Heatwave Interactive:

Heatwave Interactive is a leading global publisher and developer of brand integrated, cross-platform entertainment.  Founded in 2007, the Company specializes in high profile, high impact mass market games for PC, mobile, and social platforms.  Heatwave has partnered with top celebrities and entertainment brands to provide audiences with engaging games and applications including iSamJackson; CMT Presents Platinum Life: Country, Platinum Life: Web Edition; and Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising.  Co-founded by award-winning, game industry veteran Anthony Castoro, Heatwave Interactive is backed by Syncom Venture Partners.  For more information, please visit Heatwave's corporate website: www.heatwave.com.   

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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