If you wanted a little more Watchdogs in your Grand Theft Auto 5 you're in luck, there's now a mod for that. The extensive mod adds all of your favorite hacking abilities from Watchdogs into a game that people are actually playing. You can hack just about everything, from fire hydrants to cars, to cell phones. One you're in there's a wide array of actions you can take. Will you remote control a car, or just set the throttle to max and let it shoot off like an unguided missile. Maybe you want to change some traffic lights to get to your destination a little faster? 

Creator JulioNIB has put together a video showcasing all the mod's applications (No you do not have to play as the Watchdog's main character, although that is an option!). You can also head Here to download a copy of the mod for yourself.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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