Guild Wars 2 is ramping up for another free trial period, which starts tomorrow, September 25 and lasts through October 1. Anyone who has tried out the game through a free trial in the past is also welcome to come back and play Guild Wars 2 again during this period. For those who wish to participate in this free trial period, they may create accounts now and download the game. Account registration has been opened ahead of time so trial players can be ready for midnight, pacific time, when the trial begins.

Since previous trial periods have had issues with spam and gold selling accounts, ArenaNet has added in some additional safeguards that will hopefully minimize spam, while allowing trial members and their friends to have fun with one another. Trial accounts will be limited to:

  • Trial Accounts can send mail only to a player who has added the trial account holder to their friend list
  • Trial Accounts can send whispers only to a player who has added the trial account holder to their friend list
  • Trial Accounts cannot use map chat
  • Those playing on a trial account cannot sell items the Trading Post
  • Trial Accounts will be limited to 2 character slots
  • Trial Accounts will not have access to the Gem Store
  • Trial accounts will not have access to the Currency Exchange
  • Trial accounts will have access to Edge of the Mists but will not have access to World-versus-World

People are worried that having trial accounts locked out of map chat will turn off potentially new players who legitimately are trying to find help and do not have anyone adding them to a friend's list. If you plan on playing the Guild Wars 2 free trial and do not have friends to play with, use /say when other players are around. This channel, as far as anyone can tell, is still open and available for new folks who want to have legitimate community interactions. If you're already playing Guild Wars 2 and see a struggling newbie, lend them a hand – you just never know who you meet and you could be making a friend for life!

If you're wanting to look at Guild Wars 2 again, but are not sure where to start, Guild Wars 2 Hub is our dedicated Guild Wars 2 site full of specific information just for the game! Have a look at the General Gameplay section to get in depth information on all aspects of the game. Even though the New Player Experience, which was recently revamped, will introduce mechanics at a slower pace to new players, two Guild Wars 2 Hub guides to have a look at would be the Dodging/Vigor and the Downed State/Finishing guides.

In addition to the plethora of resources available over at Guild Wars 2 Hub, and even though it's not affiliated with us, I do recommend the Guild Wars 2 subreddit. There is a sticky thread there now that has a good amount of information in one post, as well as people who are willing to lend a hand. Go say hi over there, which can be another way to meet some rad folks to game with.

To read the latest guides, news, and features you can visit our Guild Wars 2 Game Page.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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