ArenaNet has posted a new blog entry detailing the attributes system in Guild Wars 2. The most important new information that we learn is that there will now only be four total attributes: power, precision, vitality, and toughness.

Power—increased attack damage.
Precision—increased critical strike chance.
Vitality—increased health.
Toughness—increased defense/armor.

I'm not sure how these new stats will work out, but we should be looking at it soon when the demo stations go live at PAX East.

This leaves a lot of questions in the mouths of players as everyone tries to work out how attributes will balance out and what kind of choices you can make. ArenaNet has been pushing to make a different MMO and these recent attribute changes are a step in that direction. You won't have strength, agility, piety, or any other generic stats to work through and instead will focus only on increasing your attack damage, your chance to get a critical strike, your health, or your defense.

In other exciting news, a lot of different changes will be in place in the demo at PAX East, including these changes and a lot of character changes/skill changes so the game will be much more advanced then when we last seen it. Stay tuned here to Ten Ton Hammer as we'll begin our PAX East coverage once the event kicks off.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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