ArenaNet is nothing if not prompt when it comes to their monthly updates for Guild Wars 2 (GW2). The developer is giving Trion’s previous work for RIFT a run for their money with rapid monthly updates.

This month GW2 concludes its Flame & Frost living story with today’s launch of the Retribution update. As with previous updates, this one includes an impressive amount of new content and features such as custom PvP arenas and spectator mode, new WvW abilities, new guild missions, guild siege weapons & banners, and more.

Patch notes for the update are available on the GW2 forums. Check out the Flame & Frost: Retribution update for more details.

In addition to today's update, ArenaNet has also once again changed the WvW restart time for NA and EU servers. NA servers will now reset on Friday at 6:00 PM PDT and EU servers will reset at 18:00 UTC.

Source: GW2 Flame & Frost: Retribution Patch Notes

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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