In the first livestream since the H1Z1 early access date was announced, Adam Clegg and Jimmy Whisenhunt show off some all new features and gameplay changes (also, playerunknown makes a cameo). Since my last time playing H1Z1 at PAX Prime earlier this year, the game not only looks completely different, but is far more fleshed out than I expected it to be for Early Access. Here is all of the important stuff from the 2-hour gameplay livestream, in case you missed it!

Livestream Hosts

  • Jimmy Whisenhunt  - Senior Game Designer (@jimmywhis)
  • Adam Clegg - World Designer (@arclegger)

H1Z1 Livestream Highlights - December 18, 2014

New Features
  • Since the last time we saw the game played live, character and zombie animations have been changed.
  • All new trees and general flora (making dense forests possible).
  • Your characters "eyes" will now adjust to changes in lighting.
  • Items now have weight, and the weight on a item determines how much room it takes up in your inventory.
  • There are physical maps in game at certain waypoints (gas stations, ranger stations, etc).
  • How big is the map? The map is 64 square km at the moment, but it will grow to be much larger.
  • Will there be penalties for KOS behavior? There are not plans to directly discourage KOS. However, making sound does bring zombies so if you're shooting a lot, you'll make it dangerous for yourself.
  • Will zombies drop food and bullets? Yes, they may drop loot. Most of the time you'll just find cloth though.
  • Is there bullet drop? Yes. Right now it is tuned to realistic values based on the weapon.
  • How big are zombie hordes? "Huge." They also roam.
  • How does loot respawning work? Loot spawn points are "smart" and able to check their loot table and items in the area to determine what to spawn and when, helping keep some items rare.
  • Will we be able to craft ammo? Depending on the ammo, "we'll see". Can craft arrows right now, and they may implement different arrowhead types.
  • Is there anything to help prevent stream sniping? They have some ideas to help out with this (like a whitelist server for streamers), but no not really right now. "Snipers gunna snipe."
  • Will you allow the development of player mods? There will not be player mods like seen in other games, but Player Studio will be in game.
General Information
  • Early Access will definitely have bugs. The main goal is to make sure there is a base of gameplay (crafting, vehicles, etc), and they will add and interate on content after they get more feedback from the players.
  • There will be about 50 vehicles spawned on a map at once, but they won't all be working when players find them. Vehicles will require a battery and spark plugs to be functional. They also have slots for a motor, boost, headlights, and fuel.
  • Players cannot yet kill someone with a falling tree, but it is on the list.
  • A PvE ruleset server is in the plans.
  • Player-built bases do have "health" and they will degrade over time. They are destructable by other players.
  • John Smedley is not a bitch.

As we get closer to Early Access, are you excited by the new content we're seeing for H1Z1? Do you think the hype train is back? Let us know in the comments below!

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Last Updated: Mar 18, 2016

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